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7 Minute Course Creation Workshop

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Ring Rolls Out End-to-End Encryption For Video

Finally, Some Good News About Your Privacy

By Patrick Hearn

There have been plenty of stories about “smart” home products invading your privacy. But this smart device just rolled out a feature to make you more secure.

Ring is the first major home security company to provide end-to-end encryption. It isn’t mandatory, but users can opt in if they want to add more security to their videos.

Small steps like this dramatically improve overall data security.

Users can enable end-to-end encryption through the Control Center within the Ring app. This is a welcome change to an industry that has often played fast and loose with security. 

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This is the World’s First Home Hydrogen Battery

The Lavo home hydrogen battery is not a battery, it's an electrolysis system, hydrogen storage array and fuel cell power system rolled into one attractive cabinet - Lavo System

By Loz Blain

Australian energy company Lavo is throwing down the gauntlet to Tesla’s Powerwall with a home hydrogen battery storage system that doesn’t conventional batteries at all, New Atlas reports — opting for hydrogen as fuel instead.

It stores some 40 kilowatt-hours worth of energy.

That's three times as much as Tesla's current Powerwall 2. That's enough to run an average home for two days. 

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