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Vitamin D Linked to Lower Risk of Advanced Cancer

Could taking a vitamin D supplement make it less likely that you will develop a cancer that spreads... or is deadly?

By Harvard Women's Health Watch   Image: Bernadette Wurzinger at Pixabay

A study published by JAMA Network Open provides some evidence this is the case.

Of the  25,000 men and women randomly assigned 2,000 international units (IU) of vitamin D each day, nearly 20% were less likely to have an advanced cancer.

That is, "less likely" compared to those who received a placebo.

"Advanced cancer" was defined here as one that metastasized... or proved fatal.

However, what researchers did not find is any indication that vitamin D supplements could prevent cancer altogether.

People taking vitamin D supplements risked being diagnosed with cancer... a risk level similar to those who took the placebo.

They were just less likely to have metastatic cancer or to die from it.

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Covid Certified UnVaxxed

Covid Predictions

Prediction Number 1:

Within 5 years, ONLY the Certified* UnVaxxed may donate whole blood and/or plasma to critical blood banks.

The Covid Vaxxed may give blood ONLY to their mRNA vaccinated brethren (the “Spiked”). Of course, uncorrupted and non-protein-spiked blood, although highly sought, is rare and essentially unaffordable. The “Black-Red” Market thrives.

Prediction Number 2:

Within 7 years, men, women and others seek Certified* UnVaxxed fertile partners, IF they desire the possibility of healthy, long-lived children.

Prediction Number 3:

Within 9 years, the U.S. Supreme Court declares the Panic Pandemic Not Our Fault Act unconstitutional. Apparently Covid was everyone’s fault. However, the Covid 7 (all from the U.S. Mint) must still serve their entire 18 month sentences. In Australia.

Prediction Number 4:

Within 11 years, the use of the following phrases are outlawed and declared “hate speech”: nursing homes, class action, big pharma (or farma), FrankenSpike, and you’ve been fauci’d.

Prediction Number 5:

Within the next 5 to 12 years, the New York Times and The Economist will unveil a collaborative 12-part series (paywalls generously removed) detailing how they tried to warn us.

Prediction Number 6:

Within the next 13 years, Google’s Terms of Service becomes the 28th Amendment to the United States (sans Texas and South Dakota) Constitution.

*Legal Certification documents available ONLY from the CNIE (Centers for Natural Immune Enhancement)

Baldness Cure? A Protein That Could Fuel Hair Growth

Harvard researchers say a cure for baldness is on the horizon after scientists uncovered a protein that fuels hair growth.

By Mark Waghorn for StudyFinds  Image: StudyFinds 

A scientific discovery may make the “comb over” a thing of the past for people losing their hair. 

The breakthrough could lead to a cream that fuels an unlimited supply of locks for the follicly-challenged.

In experiments, mice successfully sprouted three times as many hairs by surgically removing their adrenal glands.

These small organs above each kidney release the stress hormone corticosterone, the rodent equivalent of cortisol.

This stress hormone stops the protein GAS6 in its tracks... inhibiting hair growth.

“Restoring the expression of GAS6 could overcome stress-induced inhibition of hair follicle stem cells – and might encourage regeneration of [hair] growth,” Prof Hsu notes.

“It might therefore be possible to exploit the ability of HFSCs (hair follicle stem cells) to promote hair-follicle regeneration by modulating the corticosterone–GAS6 axis.”

Stress reactions such as worry, anger, and anxiety have long been connected to male pattern baldness.

The study, appearing in the journal Nature, identifies the process that underpins hair loss for the first time and reveals how to reverse it.

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Is The Bolton Strid Stream the World’s Deadliest?

You might expect to find the deadliest stream in the world to be in some far-off the beaten path, exotic place, but it's in... England?

By Jaime Trosper for Interesting Engineering   Image: Steve Glover
 at Flickr

Earth is filled with many beautiful rivers and streams-- places where you can't help but want to take your shoes off and stick your feet in the water.

Most of the time, this is a perfectly safe (not to mention satisfying) way to cool off on a hot summer day, but there's a little-known stream in England where going in any further could cost you your life. 

The term "looks can be deceiving" comes to mind. You certainly wouldn't think it by looking at it, but this little stream--known as the Bolton Strid--has an insidious reputation.

Locals claim it has a 100 percent mortality rate for anyone entering the stream, though there are no definitive figures on how many lives this little stream has claimed over the years.

So, what makes it so dangerous?

First of all, the stream isn't as narrow as it appears... the ground beneath is filled with all sorts of underground tunnels and caverns (where the bulk of the river's water hides).

[And the] water rushing from the River Wharfe to the Strid is compressed as it narrows, which creates a bottleneck effect that sees the speed of the water increase dramatically and very fast...

[Plus the whirlpool effects] make it nearly impossible for a swimmer to escape like...

Barry and Lynn Collett on a scenic hike along the River Wharfe in 1998.

No one knows exactly what happened to the couple, [but] it took rescuers 6 days to find Lynne's body, while Barry's remains weren't discovered until almost a month later...

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