Covid Predictions For The Certified UnVaxxed And All Others

Covid Certified UnVaxxed

Covid Predictions

Prediction Number 1:

Within 5 years, ONLY the Certified* UnVaxxed may donate whole blood and/or plasma to critical blood banks.

The Covid Vaxxed may give blood ONLY to their mRNA vaccinated brethren (the “Spiked”). Of course, uncorrupted and non-protein-spiked blood, although highly sought, is rare and essentially unaffordable. The “Black-Red” Market thrives.

Prediction Number 2:

Within 7 years, men, women and others seek Certified* UnVaxxed fertile partners, IF they desire the possibility of healthy, long-lived children.

Prediction Number 3:

Within 9 years, the U.S. Supreme Court declares the Panic Pandemic Not Our Fault Act unconstitutional. Apparently Covid was everyone’s fault. However, the Covid 7 (all from the U.S. Mint) must still serve their entire 18 month sentences. In Australia.

Prediction Number 4:

Within 11 years, the use of the following phrases are outlawed and declared “hate speech”: nursing homes, class action, big pharma (or farma), FrankenSpike, and you’ve been fauci’d.

Prediction Number 5:

Within the next 5 to 12 years, the New York Times and The Economist will unveil a collaborative 12-part series (paywalls generously removed) detailing how they tried to warn us.

Prediction Number 6:

Within the next 13 years, Google’s Terms of Service becomes the 28th Amendment to the United States (sans Texas and South Dakota) Constitution.

*Legal Certification documents available ONLY from the CNIE (Centers for Natural Immune Enhancement)

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