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Vitamin D Linked to Lower Risk of Advanced Cancer

Could taking a vitamin D supplement make it less likely that you will develop a cancer that spreads... or is deadly?

By Harvard Women's Health Watch   Image: Bernadette Wurzinger at Pixabay

A study published by JAMA Network Open provides some evidence this is the case.

Of the  25,000 men and women randomly assigned 2,000 international units (IU) of vitamin D each day, nearly 20% were less likely to have an advanced cancer.

That is, "less likely" compared to those who received a placebo.

"Advanced cancer" was defined here as one that metastasized... or proved fatal.

However, what researchers did not find is any indication that vitamin D supplements could prevent cancer altogether.

People taking vitamin D supplements risked being diagnosed with cancer... a risk level similar to those who took the placebo.

They were just less likely to have metastatic cancer or to die from it.

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Mitsubishi Express Van Gets a Zero-Star Safety Rating

The first vehicle to get a zero-star safety rating in Australasia: the Mitsubishi Express van. Video of the crash test is fascinating.

By Fabienne Lang for Interesting Engineering  Image: ANCAP Safety

The newly released Mitsubishi Express van model has become the first vehicle to ever receive a zero-star rating.

The rating is from Australasia's independent car safety voice, ANCAP Safety.

In ANCAP Safety's car crash test video, you watch the Mitsubishi Express van obliterated and smashed from literally all angles.

The biggest negative points were for the van's lack of modern safety systems.

That ultimately gave it a score of only seven percent on safety assistance features.

It's painful yet fascinating video to watch.

There are quite a few moments that'll make you wince with imaginary pain.