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Gulf Stream Slows to its Weakest in a Thousand Years

The Gulf Stream ocean current that brings warm water from the Gulf of Mexico to Europe is slowing down in an unprecedented way

By Joe Morgan & Study Finds  Image: NOAA

Since the 1950s, the current has slowed by about 15 percent. Experts warn that by 2100, the Gulf Stream System will weaken further by 34 to 45 percent, becoming dangerously close to the tipping point at which the flow becomes unstable.

If this happens, the U.S. east coast will face dangerously rising sea levels.

And Western Europe would also be plunged into a deep freeze in winters with brutal ice storms and the average temperature dropping by 10 degrees Celsius.

Summers would be scorching hot, warn scientists.

The study is published in Nature Geoscience.

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Earth’s Tectonic Plates History in 40 Seconds

Geoscientists have released a video detailing one billion years of movement by the planet’s tectonic plates

By Chris Melore for StudyFinds   Image: WikiImages at Pixabay

The study reveals Earth’s plates, and the land masses that sit on them, are in constant motion.

While the naked eye can’t spot it, study authors compare moving continents to rafts with evolving species that intermingle when these giant masses collide.

The model even reveals that chilly Antarctica once sat at the equator.

“For the first time a complete model of tectonics has been built, including all the boundaries,” adds Dr. Michael Tetley.

“On a human timescale, things move in centimeters per year, but as we can see from the animation, the continents have been everywhere in time.

The Best Battery Packs to Keep Your Gadgets Going

A portable battery pack is a great way to ensure your mobile devices are always charged

By Don Melanson for Popular Mechanics   Image Credit: Popular Mechanics Staff

Deciding to get one is simple. Choosing which one to get, however, isn’t.

Some might only be able to partially recharge your smartphone or tablet (or juice it more slowly than your wall charger), while others are able to quickly recharge multiple devices but might be more than you need.

How Popular Mechanics Chose The Best

To select these portable battery packs, we relied on our own previous research on the subject and experience using similar devices. 

Then we consulted reviews from a range of trusted publications, including PC World, Wirecutter, and Android Central.

We also took into account customer ratings from online retailers like Amazon and Best Buy, using them to calculate our Consumer Score. 

This represents the percentage of reviewers on those sites that rated the battery packs at least four out of five stars.

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